Tuesday, 17 December 2013

UFO progress update ...

Dear all,

I know I should be updating for the Wipocalypse, but before I do that I want to get a bit more stitching in (I know cheating at the expense of next year). So for now you will have to settle on the progress of the UFO I have mentioned in one of my previous posts. 

It is called 'Good Heavens' an Anchor kit by Margaret Sherry that was abandoned for over 2 years!

This is how the bunny looked prior to 2012 Wipocalypse:

It was photographed with the intention of working on it ... but that never happened until now. 

One could definitely see it emerging. If I ever pick up 'Rending the Flock' pigs will definitely fly!

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Until soon when I get a little more stitching in before looking back on my progress and despairing at the incomplete goals (oh joy!) 



  1. Only completed 2/10 goals this year so don't feel so bad!

    Great progress on the stitching too!

  2. What a cute bunny!
    I think our stitching plans are always grander than our time permits.

  3. Wipocalypse is a new word for my vocabulary! Eheheheheh... This pattern from MS is so cute! Keep going! Your gonna finish quickly!

    1. Thank you. Sadly enough after getting a bit more stitching done on the bunny I put him aside for another wip. Maybe we'll have a finish in the new year.

  4. Cute bunny! Your progress is looking great. Keep at it!

  5. This is a really cute design from MS! Or shall I say another cute design from MS!! :D You have made some lovely progress with it :)

  6. Goals are just guidelines. Stitch what makes you happy is my motto! Lovely bunny.
    Alicia xo