Sunday, 8 May 2016

A finish and Sheep Sal # 7.3 update ...

Dear all,

Remember I promised to show what we gifted mum ... this was a joint project for my mum's 50th birthday with my sister of Cross Stitch Mania.

Complete - March 2016

I was hoping I could show you it framed ... but framing is getting delayed due to mum's indecision on what colour to paint the frame.

'Take Shelter together!' This Rainy Day Kitty by Durene Jones is from the World of Cross Stitching magazine issue 240.

Also incidentally here are my next 100 stitches on the sheep ...

300 stitches
I am slightly scared to check out Sarah's progress ... I have a feeling I am very very behind.

Until soon,


  1. Love Durene Jones, this kitty is amazing. Lovely progress on your sheep as well.

  2. What a cute finish - and thanks for the link to your sister's blog! I am now following her.

  3. I love your kitty finish -- It is in my TODO pile. Yours looks great

  4. LOOOOL... You can definitely catch up! I missed two weeks because of my trip. Lovely stitching, Lija! :D

  5. That is such a sweet stitch for your Mum. It looks so cute. Keep going on the sheep, you'll catch up. Just don't count them LOL!
    xo Alicia