Sunday, 23 March 2014

Smalls #3 & Stitch from Stash #3

I cannot believe this ... I am actually posting a few days in advance, go me! I just thought if I get these two updates out of the way I might get a chance to write that promised update on hand dyed fabric (if you don't remember the promise that was probably because it was made many many moons ago).

First up is Smalls SAL (for more info check the tab).

I have finished:

biscornu #229
Well, this was meant to be a Valentine's style biscornu (for a case I had booked in February) hence in shiny pink ... but as you can tell I finished it a little late. Oh well, it is still a finish (which list I am not doing as well on as last year).

Biscornu #229
Stitched on 14 count aida
Threads: DMC E967

You have also probably guessed that I have done this design previously, and I have ... back in July 2013.

And onto my spending with Stitch from Stash (again check the tab for more info):

First up (this is not part of the official report) is the purchase I made last month from Cross Stitch Heaven which has finally arrived:

99 dmc colours

embroidery thread storage box

pre-gridded fabric

2 metal craft rings
This was the first time I shopped from Donna and I still haven't made up my mind about the experience.  The prices are good, but I guess one has to take it with a pinch of salt. I was very excited to get the package and it was very well wrapped and packaged, neat as well! Fabric with threads and the rings between the fabric folds. My first mood damper was to discover one of the rings being a bit rusty. Oh well, not a big deal, I can live with that. The other issue was one of my skeins was the wrong shade. I have emailed Donna today, and am awaiting the reply ... but it is making me feel petty and rather silly. It is only one skein worth 39p after all. And I can probably use it in the future. But this means that one of the projects is missing a colour ... I have not checked which one yet and for me to order that colour I need to pay postage again, and well probably buy more items to make it more worth while. 

See, I told you you'd think I am petty. After all she done pretty well to get the 98 out of 99 right. And I love my new fabric. I have rolled it onto my new frame (the one my mum got me for Christmas) for the new start heading this way. I just hate feeling guilty! What to do? Well one of my reasons posting early, I guess, is to start on the next month's spending. So maybe if I buy just that right shade and more fabric... and then there is that exclusive Fizzy Moon kit by World of Cross Stitching ... but I am saving for that printer so I should think twice. Like Scarlett O'Hara said 'I will think about it tomorrow'. I will! I will sit down and properly budget. I haven't been getting many additional hours, so my last two pays were a little tight ... and my guess the next one will be similar. It might be even time to drop another magazine subscription. And definitely more ebay listing. Although with an average selling price in the vicinity of 50p how much time can I dedicate to listing and going to the post office?  

Anyhow onto the proper update. I have carried forward $/£25.06 and added to this month's allowance that makes the budget of $/£50.06. Remember I left you on the cliff hanger of going to the charity shop ... well I spent quite a bit. More than I have intended to! I picked out a pile of Anchor and DMC (quite a few repeats) and at £1 per 5 skeins it all added up to £28. With about same amount still in basket though not Anchor or DMC ... the lady offered me the whole lot for £35! I am not certain whether this was worth it. As the rest I would have probably not bought on its own. I will aim to separate and catalogue my purchase for the next update ... and see whether it was a bargain or not. To put this sum in perspective ... my mum bought a large set of wooden drawers (gorgeous!) with delivery for about £20 from the same charity shop. We crafters are insane!

This then means I have $/£15.06 to carry forward.

Incidentally this is also happens to be my 100th post ... woohoo who would have thought that I'd be here blogging just over two and a half years later. When I started blogging I wanted to document my completions ... I thought how would I have anything to write about if I stitch a particularly large design. Who would have thought that SALs and Wips would take over.

Till soon,


  1. beautiful small

  2. Great stitching! And good job sticking to your budget. I know, I feel guilty every time I leave a craft store, but as long as you're within your budget you're fine, right?

  3. Congratulations on staying on goal with stitching from stash, Your 100th post and some lovely stitching.

  4. Lovely lot of stash buying there! Donna does pretty well considering she is a 1 woman business, there are odd mistakes every now and again but if you get in touch she'll sort it out for you. If you let me know what thread colour you are missing, I can have a look and see if I have a spare that I can drop in the post for you.

  5. A lovely design on pretty fabric. what an impressive amount of threads - just wondering if you wind floss on cards !! :-)

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you. Though I think it is about time I go shopping for a new pattern or two ... but not just yet ... firsts some saving.

  7. Congrats on 100 posts and nice biscornu piece.

  8. Woo hoo congratulations on your 100th post. That's a fantastic achievement. I know what you mean, I started to blog to keep track of my progress. But a brilliant side effect is that I have met so many beautiful people that have introduced me to an amazing world of cross stitching and shared their personal as well as crafty experiences. Love it!
    Alicia xo

  9. Amazing blog you have!! There are so many beautiful things and stitches here!!! I enjoy making new stitching friends! If you want to, visit my blog someday:
    Greetings from Brazil,