Tuesday, 11 February 2014

TUSAL - post #2 and the giveaway announcement ...

Hello all,

I have finally made up my mind what I am giving away as part of the Grow Your Blog! party. So I thought maybe I should post a few pictures before the giveaway concludes. I am a little ill, headache, throat ache, leg pains, so apologies if I make little sense.

But before that let me show you my TUSAL jar:

jar #2 and 2014

2014 so far

Now onto the giveaway. To enter click HERE and follow the instructions at the bottom of the post.

5 threaders

5 charms

1 chart and a chart booklet

2 small kits

a bookmark and speciality stitch charts

Hand dyed fabric with logwood and aluminium mordant by my mum
Once the winner is picked he or she can pick what part of the giveaway they want: all or some (and whatever is unwanted will roll over to the next drawing). I might add more prizes in the next few days (or maybe not) but for now that is how the giveaway stands.

Till soon,