Sunday, 6 October 2013

Wipocalypse - post #9 and a CALLOUT for anyone in MOSCOW

Dear all,

another belated, last month's post. Normally I am better than this... at least a post twice a month with these regular updates. But September just got me by surprise.

I only have one photo to share for September's update, as I have spent most of the time working on an exchange piece that is currently in transit.

So the only item for sharing is a finish:

A kit 'Boats' of the Twilights series by Heritage Crafts.

Now onto more urgent matter (to me anyhow). I have been attempting to contact a few ladies I follow who are from Moscow, but no success so far. So hoping, someone will hear this plea.

My mum is currently studying for a BA in Creative Art (distance learning) and for her second year's final assignment she decided to look at valenki. There is a museum in Moscow that has some on display. So I was wandering if anyone who lives there wouldn't mind taking a few photos and getting some info about the museum and what is displayed. There seems to be next to nothing online. The only link I found to this museum, including the address is:

She is on a bit of a tight schedule, and would need the information within a week or two. So if you live, or know someone who lives there please help.

I can offer a small crafty reward to whoever helps.

Till soon,


  1. Oh dear...I don't know people from Russia. I have tons os postcards from Moscow but I got them through postcrossing.

    I really like your finish!

    Wish you a blessed week!

  2. i truly love your finish too..
    so sweet
    hugs x

  3. Beautiful finish! I love the colors in it :D

  4. I will post a call out on my blog too! With a link to this post, maybe someone will read and will be able to help :)

  5. Очень приятный дизайн! Мне нравится вся эта серия, я одно время даже хотела вышить, но так и не определилась, какой мне нравится больше, а ещё я в то время не была знакома с равномеркой и испугалась полукрестиков и четвертинок :) Так и остались в хотелках...

  6. Sooooo pretty, I love it. Was this the one you started when you visited me? Wow you have stitched it quick. Well done xx