Thursday, 20 December 2012

the Liebster award...

I think I should start by thanking Jules again for nominating me for this.

From my research on this award I gather I need to nominate another 5 blogs (with under 200 followers) stating my reasons for doing so. I should also answer 10 question, but I did not get asked those, so will skip that rule I think.

Picking out 5 was a little difficult, as how can one pick out just 5? The 200 followers benchmark did help a lot. So in alphabetical order (i.e. no order of preference between the top 5):

1) Craft, cook and live by Tracey Walker. She is relatively new to blogging, with only a handful of followers, but so was everyone at one stage or other, and required that little extra encouragement (in my case it was Snoopy's). Tracey's progress on the 'Wedding' was very interesting to follow.  

2) Cross stitch mania by Snoopy. Ok, I might be a bit biased here, but Snoopy is the one who has been doing the Summer Extravaganza with me. We are still battling on, with fierce competition ... [at the rate that I am stitching I will finish tmy piece in 6 years time!] Also thanks to her for all the moral support I constantly get in my stitching and other hobbies.

3) Scully's Cross Stitching by Kim. Her posts are always a great read, if memory does not deceive me it was her blog that inspired me to complete my very own HAED purchase. Although it was a different blog that influenced me to sign up to Michele's website and create my wish list, it was one of Kim's posts last spring that got me hooked on the word 'sale' to finally commit. If there is a sale on, surely it's okay to buy a few charts ... even if you are budgeting. I love seeing her mum's progress on the Nautilus Princess (it is one of the charts I want to work on in the future), and the charts that she buys ... there are always a few jems that I end up looking up and adding to my ever growing wish list. 

4) Stitchings of an Army Wife by Megan Bright. Because her blogging story is so great! She always has so much progress, and makes me a little jealous. She happened to have stitched Mini Alice and Snow White, a full chart of which I have bought and am looking forward to stitching.  

5) The Next Best Stitch by Chelle. Technically I probably shouldn't nominate someone who had this award in the past, but I want to do so anyway. She is a very inspiring lady for many reasons, with lots of great stitching. I especially love her cottages, and the idea of being able to change the cottage every month. There are so many charts I worry about stitching, like ones with a Christmas topic, so this might be a way forward. Plus she is the first person I came across who stitches for Love Quilts! I came across this charity a while back and fancied participating, still do ...but that for some time in the future when I can commit to a deadline and persevere no matter what. 

I hope no one will take offence, and will take their nomination as a compliment. 

Till soon,

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  1. Lija,

    Thank you so much for your nomination! I haven't had time to update my blog or put the new award on my sidebar - I like the flower so much better than the original design.

    I am so honored that you like my blog so much. I have done one square for Love Quilts and I want to do more when life settles down and some of my other projects are finished. You don't have to commit to a deadline if you don't want to. They accept squares at any time in certain themes. I would recommend going back to the Love Quilts site and checking under the tab with which designs they are looking for.

    I have finished cottages through May and have patterns through November with the specialty threads, but have gotten completely sidetracked with other projects. Maybe I will have my Country Cottages finished by next December! They are having a new stich along for 2013 with sheep, but I am passing on that one because I already have so many projects started.

    Let me know if you need any help with the Love Quilts squares. The only thing I didn't like was that they have to be stitched on Aida...ick!