Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Summer Extravaganza Part 2

So it is part 2 post already, and this was the progress coming onto last Tuesday:

part 1
and now (admittedly not a very good picture with the flash - weather isn't at its best here at the moment):

part 2

Hope it will start looking good soon, colours don't tend to blend at the moment, especially the greyish brown I am currently stitching.

Any sort of progress I have made seems insignificant with Snoopy's. Almost an entire page complete! And we have started at a similar time.

Till soon,



  1. Great stitching - every stitch brings you nearer to the finish!

  2. Good effort, yet am going to win by a mile!! hehehehehe just joking looks great, though I see what you mean about the colours looking wrong that grey/purply looks out of place. Non the less great job, your catching up keep going xx