Saturday, 5 May 2012

John Clayton and meet baby Newton progress...

The current moon's progress on Wipocalypse

The progress since last moon:

John Clayton: Big Ben:

May 2012

Quite a bit of progress can be observed since the last time this was posted... all the sky/blues are finished now! But there is an error which stopped me stitching ... I just hate the unpicking. The dark colour in the water reflection should not be there, and have light beige instead. The two colours have almost an identical symbol for them ... hence the error of judgement.

So this project was cast aside for something more exciting ...

Meet Baby Newton:

There was little progress on the stitching in general before now. It was begun during the summer just after a finish. A little stitching of one colour, but was quickly cast aside ... at the time I had only one or two shades required for the project. Since then I have bought the needed skeins of thread, but did not pick the stitching up until last month.


Now the cat and Newton are almost done, and hopefully I will finish this one in the next two months (next moon might be a bit of wishful thinking).
May 2012
There are still some small finished cards to post ... but with shortage of time and possibly one of the most busiest 3 weeks of revision coming up ... the stitching needs to be packed up into boxes.



  1. Your progress is looking good, and i love your Newton.

    Hugs Yvon.

  2. Great progress! I love Newton, he is such a fun little bear. Sorry you have to unpick some - that often totally stops me on a project.

    Good luck with the revision. I have an exam in June so know how you're feeling!

    Happy stitching,

  3. Nice progress on both. Good luck with your unstitching. Hope it's not a real big deal.

    Have a great weekend.


  4. Baby Newton is adorable!! Great Stitching :D

  5. WOW you almost finished baby newton, lovely work!! cant wait for our challenge, going to be intense...

  6. Hi

    Just found your blog.

    Your stitching is lovely, especially baby Newton.