Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Oh dear ... I have missed some out

I have been tidying up ... and managed to find more unfinished projects .... how is it possible that they keep appearing in the most unlikeliest places.

So the updated list:

1) Handpicked by Fizzy
2) Country Trio
3) Lickle Ted with a daffodil - I have found the unfinished project

4) Xmas Chums
5) Good Heavens
6) Making Lickle Wishes
7) John Clayton: Big Ben
8) John Clayton: Venice
9) John Clayton: Calla Lily
10) does my bum look big in this?
11) A "secret" card
12) The Snowman Card

[and now the added ones]:
13) 'Meet Baby Newton' from The World of Cross Stitching issue 128. I have definitely forgotten this one.

14) Fizzy Moon card kit. Again my backstitching is lacking.

15) 'Tending the Flock' from Cherished Teddies and Friends. A matching pillow hopefully to one in my earlier posts.

16) 'Picture of elegance'. I have started Sara Moon from The World of Cross Stitching issue 181. 

Oh well, I now have a 16 instead of a 12 list ... I guess there is a bigger choice for me to crack on with.

Thank you for the lovely comments on the previous post. Yes, I tend to stitch an entire colour before going onto next, unless they are broken up. Start in the middle and unless there is a massive gap continue with one colour. I guess it will be different with huge pieces that require many many chart pages. That way I can see progress, and will not get annoyed with finding more and more missed crosses of colour.

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