Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Posted and sealed in an envelope

The appalling lack of internet continues. We have finally received a box and all the passwords and go ahead 'nod' to set it up, just to get disappointed with a missing telephone line. And even I have to hang my head and admit that that poses a rather large problem. Well, no fear it is almost time to move again for the next year ahead of me.

And now to cross stitch ...

This magnificent card was part of a kit that came with the World of Cross Stitching magazine issue 179. I think it is perfect for use as a birthday card (probably one of the only types of cards I generally give). Christmas ones are always rare with me - excluding immediate family. Do I give a Christmas card or the New Year one or both? And what happens if I forget one but not another distant relative or friend? I have a few boxes of unopened Christmas cards that I am destined never to give out. They will no doubt eventually be passed on by me to my very younger brother who will give the cards out to all his mates at school as is the custom with children at school. In fact I sit down to write Christmas cards every year and fail at the enormity of this daunting task.   

I have now stitched these two cards from the set of three as birthday cards for two of my friends. And the third still needs to await its destiny.

Another problem that I am beginning to face is that while I am attempting several larger projects ... they take much longer to create and will eventually mean that I will run out of projects to display on this blog ... but not to fear and persevere I say I will cross that bridge when I come to it. All it means I need a birthday or something of the kind to motivate me.

Till later,

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