Sunday, 16 February 2020

New starts, some downsizing, and resolution not to wash my finished projects

Dear all

I was digging in my stash on Friday night to find an easyish project to work on. Ideally not a large one. So the one that took my fancy was 'I'm not fat ...' by Margaret Sherry.

WIP - 16 February 2020
Years ago I bought two kits from Sherry Lewis Kits, this was when Margaret Sherry ventured out into a partnership with Cathy Lewis. However the business was subsequently dissolved. For years I have picked the projects out and put them away. But now it looks as if at least one will be completed. I have replaced 14 count with even weave fabric.

Whilst digging through my pile of stash I have decided to say good bye to 'Love' by Livia Rovaris and 'Let's do coffee' by Ursula Michael. Both are charts stitched in one colour that at this point in my life I don't see myself ever picking up. I still love Ursula's chart ... however I do hate backstitching so lets be realistic ... will I ever pick up a chart that predominantly uses backstitching? Both have joined the eBay pile. Hopefully someone will give them a much needed love. So here is to downsizing my stash list by further 2 projects. 

Having slightly improved my stash / projects in respect of my desire to minimise ... I have went and done the unspeakable ... I started a new project that is not on the list! I have designed my own cross stitch chart of two magpies based on original art work by me. Assembled the kit ... and am now stitching and manually adjusting the pattern. 

WIP - 14 February 2020
And speaking of assembling threads I have decided to rinse a few that were what I felt a little stale from storage ... and yikes the navy DMC 939 bled so much in the sink! It made me resolve not to wash my finished projects going forwards!

Until soon,

Friday, 14 February 2020

Happy Valentine's Day ... and Love at First Sight

Dear all

Happy Valentine's Day! If you have that someone special I hope you spend the day (or evening) marvelling in each other. If you are single perhaps it is time to crack up a bottle of wine or brew a hot chocolate with marshmallows and enjoy a few romantic comedies in celebration of your wonderful... and some stitching for the stitchaholics amongst us.

Here straight from the hot press is 'Love at First Sight' by Judy Rossouw completed this very morning:

Complete - 14 February 2020

This also completes another project on my stash to stitch list ... 2 down and 39 still to go this year. Totally doable right? I may need some quick wins soon if I am going to accomplish this crazy challenge I set myself.

Until soon,

Monday, 10 February 2020

Love at First Sight is almost done ...

Dear all

I was hoping I would get to finish this project over the last weekend. I even had a good excuse (fighting a cold) for avoiding life admin. But I am not quite there.

WIP - 10 February 2020
The stitching itself is done. Only the backstitching remains. 

I do try stitching every morning together with one podcast and a cup of coffee. So perhaps I can make it for the Valentine's day. I am unsure about your plans but mine involve romantic films, hot chocolate, and maybe more stitching! Who said you need a man to celebrate loving yourself. 

Until soon,

Sunday, 2 February 2020

Welcome February and Love at First Sight

Dear all

I am finally here ... on the other side of January! I have survived January and the tax returns deadline. In a way February is the new 2020 start for me and I am super excited for it. I have picked up embroidery again. And the project of choice is 'Love at First Sight' by Judy Rossouw.

Two frogs kissing ...

WIP - 2 February 2020
Do you think it can be completed ahead of Valentine's?

Anyhow I better go and start sorting my life admin, something that was somewhat rejected amidst the stress and pressures of work... and get excited for new projects and dreams.  

As of 10.06 pm of 1 February 2020 I am an aunt (for the first time) to a most beautiful boy. I am super excited to meet him someday soon ... and do need to start knitting again (the cardigan I have made him already will be to small for him)! 

Until soon (with lots of love)