Thursday, 21 June 2012

A day late

Just a quick belated post:

June 2012

Also I thought might be interesting to look at the years jar, since we half way there.

June 2012 and years up to now jar

The year's jar so far
And now to the Summer extravaganza ... not too much, since I have been concentrating on the exchange stitching I can't post yet.

part 2

part 3
Back to busy busy busy ...

Until later,

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Summer Extravaganza Part 2

So it is part 2 post already, and this was the progress coming onto last Tuesday:

part 1
and now (admittedly not a very good picture with the flash - weather isn't at its best here at the moment):

part 2

Hope it will start looking good soon, colours don't tend to blend at the moment, especially the greyish brown I am currently stitching.

Any sort of progress I have made seems insignificant with Snoopy's. Almost an entire page complete! And we have started at a similar time.

Till soon,


Saturday, 9 June 2012

Fizzy Moon and Summer Extravaganza

First of all there is an apology for the lack of the first post of Summer Extravaganza. I ended being a little more than snowed under with things to do. There weren't that much extra done to it from Monday, so for the last Tuesday update I think I will stick to that image ... which was:

part 1

I also have a finish from before to show off. I have completed this one a long while ago ... but was unable to post until I gave it as a Birthday present to mum. It is Fizzy Moon:

I need to look up from which magazine I got the chart...

But otherwise that's all for now,


Monday, 4 June 2012

June and Wipocalypse

Two things have downed on me recently. When I was creating my brand new tab for Wipocalypse I have realised the following:

- I tend to pick one and stitch, with some projects still lying stored away.
- I only have 2 out of 18 complete. [next update marks half a year of stitching and this is a very sad number]

So something might have to change. Maybe a rotation (like I have noticed some of you bloggers do). And definitely more finishes are in order.

Thinking this, I have pulled more of them out and now have two finishes, two starts, and small progress on a few others ... so read on.

1) 'Handpicked by Fizzy' - I have provided some 14 count aida to aid my motivation. 

June 2012

... and then it went back in the box.

3) Lickle Ted with a daffodil is now done


June 2012
I have braved the hatred of backstitching and finished this little fella.

4) Xmas Chums: Remember my dilemma about this one? Probably not ... it was so long ago. Well, the stitching is 10 squares lower than needed.

after some frogging

I will remove the stitching and start again with this one. Almost ready to begin afresh. Then maybe gridding.

Last month I have bought some easy count gridding for my new HAED. So I went a little crazy with making my life easier with smaller projects ... which saw my first attempt at using the stuff for:

8) John Clayton: Venice

June 2012
and behold an entire colour complete already.

12) The Snowman Card - a little progress ...


June 2012

13) 'Meet Baby Newton' - my second finish that I am very proud of:

May 2012

June 2012

Notice ... all the backstitching done too

18) HAED This is a new addition to the wips. It will take a long time to stitch, so I thought it deserved to be added to this list. It is also something I am stitching for the Summer Extravaganza (with an update due tomorrow - I highly doubt there will be anything added to make a difference). Nonetheless here it is:

June 2012
I am stitching it on the 18 count aida ... I think I will not name the design for now.

Well that is it for now. I have a summer exchange to concentrate on, and go crazy with my HAED in the spare time, so I envision a shorter update next month. 

Until tomorrow,