Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Little House Needleworks - Kindness complete

Dear all

It has been a while since I posted. Two months it seems! In all honesty it has even started getting to that awkward stage ... you know the one where you begin to put off posting due to the increase in the amount of projects one would like to share progress on. And then I am caught in a bit of a cycle.

So I will do it a little at a time. And that way at least some of the progress is shared. Here is a recent finish:

Complete - June 2020

(Little Sheep Virtues)
by Little House Needleworks

I have also done some radical reshuffling of the current stash (donating/eBaying off - if I am never likely to complete certain projects maybe someone else will)  and am proud to report that I am down to 79 projects which is an amazing decrease from the 130 I had last year. However it is a long way away from my goal of reducing to 50 by the end of 2020.

Until soon,

Saturday, 11 April 2020

Two of a Kind progress...

Dear all

Here is some progress on my two magpies.

This is 78 hours in total and the project is about 80% done. I am quite proud of how it is working out, although there is quite a bit still to go.

WIP - 11 April 2020
I also would not recommend using sewing thread to grid your fabric. I have started to remove it and it is proving to be a massive challenge in places where the cross stitch thread sewn through the thread. 

Until soon,

Sunday, 5 April 2020

Some stitching in silk ...

Dear all

I did say I would update you on some silk embroidery I have been doing as of recent.

This is by no means all of it. I will borrow a phone and get a few better images of a finish and another two WIPs for you soon. Still phone less, although hopefully not for long.

I enjoy the stitching in many forms ... but free standing flowers, where you have to cut out petals is not my thing. So mum, who hates monotonous stitching and leaves, and I have joined forces on a few projects.

My contribution to this embroidery project is almost complete. Some grass and ground stitching to go. Mum is working on the poppies at the moment.

A solo project is three plates and three cups ... so far one plate complete:

I will be working on the cup below next.

How is everyone holding up? I love embroidery and knitting and well hobbies that do not involve the great outdoors, but even I am finding being cooped up in a house a little daunting. However I am grateful for many things, including ability to work from home, having health, food and shelter, and my family and hobbies to keep me going.

We will come through this storm and be better for it!

Until soon,

Monday, 30 March 2020

Not a lot of posting but a lot of stitching this month ...

Dear all

I have to admit I have not had a lot of posting / blogging time. This was partially to killing my phone (with which I take photos). An entire separate story ... and by the way in present day and age it is next to impossible to exist without a phone. Even during the entire country going into isolation. To top up my bank account is now blocked from online transactions (seeing as I failed the authentication by text).

However on a positive note ... a lot of stitching time. Here is my progress on the 'Two of a Kind' .. 50.5 hours in total since 7 March.

WIP - 30 March 2020
I have changed the fabric from 14 count to 18 count and I am loving it a lot more. I am half way there and you can even see the 2 magpies emerging.

WIP- 30 March 2020
I have not made progress on my other cross stitch projects ... but did do some silk ribbon embroidery which I will share in the next few days. 

Until soon,

Monday, 2 March 2020

I'm not fat by Margaret Sherry and some unexpected downsizing to stash

Dear all

'I'm not fat...' by Margaret Sherry is coming along well. I have now completed stitching the cat and am onto the cupcake with only the frame and backstitching to go.

WIP - 2 March 2020

I may take a break from this design to stitch a couple of magpies. 

Speaking of my magpies, this is the chart I am designing based on one of my paintings I gave you a sneak peak last time, after commencing stitching I have realised I hate 14 count fabric. Having not used 14 count in so long I forgot how with using 2 strands the white comes through the design. If a kit has empty space for a background I swap the fabric out for even weave and where there is full coverage I prefer 18 count (with 16 at a push). Interestingly I tried either 20 count and hated it as the fabric was less structured.

So I will be saying good bye to 5 packs of 14 count fabric. Not quite the kits or charts that I am tracking, but there is definitely space appearing in my cross stitch / knitting drawer.

Until soon

Sunday, 16 February 2020

New starts, some downsizing, and resolution not to wash my finished projects

Dear all

I was digging in my stash on Friday night to find an easyish project to work on. Ideally not a large one. So the one that took my fancy was 'I'm not fat ...' by Margaret Sherry.

WIP - 16 February 2020
Years ago I bought two kits from Sherry Lewis Kits, this was when Margaret Sherry ventured out into a partnership with Cathy Lewis. However the business was subsequently dissolved. For years I have picked the projects out and put them away. But now it looks as if at least one will be completed. I have replaced 14 count with even weave fabric.

Whilst digging through my pile of stash I have decided to say good bye to 'Love' by Livia Rovaris and 'Let's do coffee' by Ursula Michael. Both are charts stitched in one colour that at this point in my life I don't see myself ever picking up. I still love Ursula's chart ... however I do hate backstitching so lets be realistic ... will I ever pick up a chart that predominantly uses backstitching? Both have joined the eBay pile. Hopefully someone will give them a much needed love. So here is to downsizing my stash list by further 2 projects. 

Having slightly improved my stash / projects in respect of my desire to minimise ... I have went and done the unspeakable ... I started a new project that is not on the list! I have designed my own cross stitch chart of two magpies based on original art work by me. Assembled the kit ... and am now stitching and manually adjusting the pattern. 

WIP - 14 February 2020
And speaking of assembling threads I have decided to rinse a few that were what I felt a little stale from storage ... and yikes the navy DMC 939 bled so much in the sink! It made me resolve not to wash my finished projects going forwards!

Until soon,

Friday, 14 February 2020

Happy Valentine's Day ... and Love at First Sight

Dear all

Happy Valentine's Day! If you have that someone special I hope you spend the day (or evening) marvelling in each other. If you are single perhaps it is time to crack up a bottle of wine or brew a hot chocolate with marshmallows and enjoy a few romantic comedies in celebration of your wonderful... and some stitching for the stitchaholics amongst us.

Here straight from the hot press is 'Love at First Sight' by Judy Rossouw completed this very morning:

Complete - 14 February 2020

This also completes another project on my stash to stitch list ... 2 down and 39 still to go this year. Totally doable right? I may need some quick wins soon if I am going to accomplish this crazy challenge I set myself.

Until soon,