Tuesday, 24 April 2012

IHSW April 2012

Well unfortunately I should have signed up as I have done no stitching whatsoever this last weekend. A project due in Friday has taken over my life ... so needless to say I am going now back to computing, calculating, coding, and typing.

Till next post. [when I have more time to show off all my last months progress]

Saturday, 21 April 2012

April TUSAL 2012

Quick picture of my April jar ... an entire month of stitching worth. I have managed to create some cards and do a lot on the John Clayton's 'Big Ben' I have been working on as of recent. I was going to post all the updates of images etc. But a) not all the cards have been given yet and b) I still have 40-60 pages to type in the next 4 days in Latex. My own fault for wasting time on Gnuplot making beautiful diagrams. I should have picked quantity over quality... oh and stayed away from cross stitch.

The colours in the bottom are mainly from cards and the top shows the completed sky and river of the 'Big Ben' ... IHSW is not looking hopeful at this stage ... it might have to be an empty post.

Friday, 6 April 2012

John Clayton Calla Lily finish...

An exciting Wipocalypse update for April 2012... 

I have a finish of one of the works in progress (and increased the leftover bobbins in my box of thread ... a picture of which I promise for the next update). It is the 'Calla Lily' by John Clayton, which was a Heritage kit I bought from eBay. It was a small distraction from when I was working on the Lickle Ted stitching a few months ago, but somehow it has got completed first. Unfortunately, there is no progress to report on the Lickle Ted and bunny stitching. This is how the work looked a moon ago:

March 2012

 And now this is how it looks complete:

April 2012

I absolutely adore the design for several reasons. For one there is almost no backstitching (only one stitch!) The colours are gorgeous, and the image begging to be displayed. But before that can be done I will need to complete the other 7 flowers in the series, as I personally feel they should all go together and I love all 8 of them. Not certain on how yet. Maybe 2 frames of 4 flowers per frame. Once I stitch a few more it will be clear.

As a reward to this completion, and while still on the hype of John Clayton's beautiful images (paintings) I have decided to start one of the other kits I had on the Wipocalypse to do list - John Clayton's 'Big Ben'.

April 2012
I did not get far with stitching when a realisation hit me ... it is almost April. A month of all birthdays it seems. Not only mine (that is the birthday of the least worries for a stitcher) but of three friends and 2 coworkers (stitched cards is a new thing for me and I have not yet introduced them to the work aspect of my life - but having been invited to attend a birthday meal and knowing that it is rude to show up empty handed ... it is the perfect time to start). So far I have created only 4 birthday cards and now I need 5 for one month ... to stitch in less than a month. I thought I was off on a good start when I have competed a beautiful one of a rose (which has taken me days!) only to be pointed out that the person I have made it for is colour blind. 

My progress on this to follow ... as a hint I am working on some designs in the current issue of the World of Cross Stitching magazine, one back issue of the same magazine, and have completed the unfortunately rose on the problem of which I am still pondering.

Till soon,