Tuesday, 21 February 2012

TUSAL update

The February has crept up and it is time to empty the jar and start again. Mine is no longer just beige from the Lickle Ted project, but full of various starts and continuations...

I have ordered my first Dimensions kit (or rather 2) ... an impulsive purchase, which I will come to regret come the time of moving, and I still own boxes and boxes of stuff. I have 2 folders of cross stitch magazines (not even going to try to count knitting), and I guess it is coming close to the time I will need to pass them on and sell on eBay. 

These are all the colours for my new project (I couldn't resist and put a few stitches in already):

Annoyingly I had to match the threads to colours myself, hole punch the card and attach them ... took a good few hours. Time that could have been spent stitching. Can you guess what it is going to be?

Till next time,


Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Lickle Ted further progress, a finish, and a new start ...

A quick note on the progress on the Wipocalypse:
(brief as I am a little busy)

The finish is the card I haven't mentioned before. It was done for my sister - a get well after her trip to hospital for an operation. 

 The progress on the Lickle Ted ... 

before ...
 I have finished the bear and the rabbit and have started on the green. I think it is shaping to be very pretty!

now ...
A new start to give me a bit of diversity in the stitching, but I have got slightly carried away with it... 

So till next time,